In home decoraion, when it's used as a combination with backgorund curtain, tulle curtain becomes the most stylish complementary product for your home.

Tulle Curtain Models

Tulle curtain models are used in almost every home to change the atmosphere of living rooms. Tulle curtains, which make spaces look different and more modern, are the most popular curtains in recent years.

What is Tulle Curtain?

It can be defined as a fabric that has very fine pores and is woven from cotton and synthetic. Tulle curtains with many different models, specially prepared and produced by Ekoline Luxury.

For What Purpose Are Tulle Curtain Models Used?

Tulle curtains serve both decorative and functional purposes. Tulle curtains, which are found in almost every home, have the ability to both cut and let light in. It has recently become the most important complement to houses with background curtains.

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